Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinese bus driver is a HERO

CHINA - The Chinese are hailing a bus driver who maintained control of a bus after being struck by a metal object that smashed through his windscreen.

The bus driver, Wu Bin, 48, is being called a hero by the government of Hangzhou, capital of eastern China's Zhejiang Province reported China Central Television.

The driver died on Friday from the injury that had damaged his liver and broken three of his ribs.
He fought through the pain to stop the bus, turn on the hazard lights, put on the parking brake and advised passengers to remain seated before collapsing.

Dramatic security camera footage broadcast Sunday on state television showed the object hitting Wu and his calm handling of the situation, despite being in obvious pain. Wu died Friday.

China has a history of praising acts of selflessness and courage to inspire responsibility in an increasingly competitive and sometimes callous society.

In  my opinion,this is the best bus driver in the world,because :
1]            He can endure the pain
2]            He put his passenger life as no. 1
3]            He is brave .

He, Wu Bin ,worth to be called a HERO.

Tapikan...kalau pemandu bas Malaysia yang kene macam tu,agak2 korang,ape akan jadi ek?? ......ngeri kot ending dia.....

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  1. kalau driver malaysia,da masok gaung daa bus tu..haha